Retrofit Double Glazing

Whether you have timber windows or aluminium windows the first step to a healthier, drier home is a quick measure and estimate.

Our local team will visit your home to assess your windows and answer any questions.

Is your home too cold?

Do you struggle to retain warmth inside your home? Up to 45% of warmth escapes through your home’s windows and doors. With Retrofit double glazing we can minimize the escape of warm air from your home!

Is your home too warm?

Does your furniture or wallpaper get faded or sun-damaged? Retrofit Double Glazing can use Low E glass. One of the many benefits of this superior product is that the transfer of heat from inside to out is reduced through the glass!

Do you wake up with condensation on the windows?

Do you struggle with indoor dampness? Retrofit Double Glazing helps significantly reduce condensation.

Are you kept awake at night by ambient noise?

Do you live by a noisy street or highway? Retrofit double glazing can reduce sound transmission in your home, which means coming home to a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere every day!

Retrofit Outdoor View

Think retrofit might be the solution for you?

Contact one of our friendly team members for advice and pricing

Remember, you can ask for the price of double glazing your entire home or just a few key rooms. Both Aluminium windows and Timber windows can be upgraded with Cozy NZ’s double glazing.

The process is all done on site, often in as little as a few days for aluminium joinery or a week for Aluminium insert windows or Full Replacement windows . Let us help you to choose your joinery type to see the benefits of a healthier drier home with Cozy NZ double glazing.